Directed by Hill Goldsmith, Professor of Psychology and Investigator at the Waisman Center

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Students enroll in research credit and gain experience in data collection, statistical analysis, and scientific writing. Students are paired with a supervisor based on their talents and interests. Data collection methods include: (1) neuroimaging; (2) image processing; (3) behavior assessment; (4) behavior coding; (5) computer-based tasks; (6) interviews; (7) salivary cortisol; and (8) surveys. Most students enroll 3 or more semesters and present independent projects at the Undergraduate Symposium. We have mentored a Hilldale student nearly every year for more than a decade. Several highly motivated students published their theses.  Peers include sophomores through seniors with diverse majors in Psychology, Neurobiology, Nursing, Social Work, Occupational Therapy, Communicative Disorders, and more. The course is Psych 621, Mentored Research and Seminar. Class number 31716, section 016.


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General information about undergraduate research credit here.

Our trainees are funded from a variety of T32 and K grants. Trainees benefit from a large network of collaborators. With over 150 instruments across five or more testing occasions that span infancy through early adulthood, there is no shortage of potential research questions.  Diverse interests are reflected in the wide variety of publications.

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