Directed by Hill Goldsmith, Professor of Psychology and Investigator at the Waisman Center


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Study schematic: Who & when


wdt_ID Term Description
1 At Attention study, nontwin 3rd grade sample followed from J. Dannemiller collaboration
2 Conte 3 Follow up interview at age 12-18yrs of birth-3yr GEO study
3 Conte 3 imaging All MZ sample who completed Conte 3 interview and birth-3 yr GEO study
4 co-twin A twin's rating of his or her co-twin.
5 data table A database table containing raw item level data.
6 calc table Database table containing summary scale scores, usually means, sums, or group assignment.
8 coins table Raw data exported from COINS as part of the RDoC imaging study and imported in our database (Web-based collection).
9 coinscalc table Database table containing summary scale scores applied to data collected in COINS for the RDoC imaging study.
10 Phase 1 Interview and surveys with parents at twin age 2-3 years.
11 Phase 2 Surveys with parents at twin age 6-8 years.

User Information

All data stored in the Goldsmith SQL database are included in this tool. Data are also available in our National Data Archive collection #2105.  Please see staff for other data.